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An Introduction to Shaun


Having started his career in the famous hotel chain “Forte Posthouse”, Shaun has since gone on to work in some of the most prestigious hotels and work alongside some world-class chefs.


Now with over 25 years of experience in the industry, Shaun loves to keep progressing; delivering new and exciting methods and techniques of ways of doing things and incorporating this into his food.

During Shaun’s career, he’s had the pleasure of cooking for many public figures including, British Royalty HRH Prince Phillip, as well as:



Shaun’s cooking style is based on the principles of classical cookery. He loves to achieve wonderfully deep flavoured food without being overwhelming, delivered in a tasteful & elegant style using the very finest produce.

Wine is a huge passion of Shauns’, so much so, he did a degree in it; which when combined with his background as a chef allows him to create his amazing Food and Wine Pairing Menus for his customers.

Shauns’ favourite cuisine lies somewhere between French, Italian & English. He’s been lucky enough to have travelled around a few different areas of France & Italy, to areas such as Loire Valley,  Bordeaux, Southern France, Rome, Tuscany, Southern Italy et al, exploring all the different local food and wines of these regions.


Shaun - Private ChefDedication

One thing that Shaun is passionate about is produce! He is extremely picky about the suppliers he chooses to use. For example, he only sources olive oil from a small family run business in Greece. The fish and meat he uses are from two of the most renowned suppliers in and around London, and the fresh truffles and caviar he uses are the best you can find.  Shaun says, “It’s a bit of a cliche but it’s true, you can’t produce great food with mediocre ingredients“.Like most of us, Shaun does his best to stay in shape and stay healthy. Where possible he does his best to reduce the use of butter, cream & salt, in the food he cooks to make it less heavy and slightly healthier.


We Work with the Wessex Cancer Trust

Here at Dinner with Shaun, it’s extremely important to us to give back to deserving causes. This is why we have chosen to provide our services free of charge to the Wessex Cancer Trust to support them in the great work they do.


If you’re looking to hire a private chef in London, get in touch with Shaun today!